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Norwegians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrisson are highly regarded fashion designers, textile artists, YouTubers and authors. 

They are best knows for their original, colourful and visually striking designs, as well as their knitwear and their books. 

Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background and everyday in rural Norway. They work under their artist name ARNE & CARLOS, established in 2001.





It all started in 1988 with Trondheim’s Music Professor Bjarne Fiskum. His formidable ability to seek out talented young musicians, provide them with the skills to perform at their best and then to encourage them to give the maximum of themselves, became the driving force behind the early success of the ensemble. 

Trondheimsolistene is recognised for representing chamber music at the highest level. Passionate performances, innovation and innate musicianship are the watchwords and that is whether they are making critically acclaimed recordings, playing live from the Lofoten Islands to Berlin, or forging meaningful partnerships with musicians of all disciplines.